to write an autobiography?

To be noticed,
do you have to be pretty?
Or just a little quirky?
To fly,
do you need wings?
Or just someone in your bleachers?
To read,
must you know the words?
Or just the sounds of each shape strung together?
To hold your head high,
must you earn it?
Or just not have learnt to bow?
To love,
must we always receive love back?
Or can we just rest in the pleasure of giving?
To receive,
did we all once know how?
And just forget it?

To me,
did you know?
You are everything.

Great Escape Artist

I hold few large possessions.

The mark of a great escape artist.

I carry the weight of my life’s treasures on my back.

Marks of a great escape artist.

I nest quickly and with ease, small trinkets from

far-off lands littered lovingly

around my room,



If you zoom in on something close enough, or zoom out wide enough, differences disappear.

Have you ever looked closely at the brightly colored pixels in a drop of water on your computer screen? Seen the Sun’s rays refracted through a prism? …

Life after death


They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Well, just as well, I believe that Afterlife is in the eyes of the living.

In this way, we all get ten, fifteen, fifty, maybe even five hundred afterlives from the people we connect with…


The worst part about washing dishes is that it never ends. No matter how well or how quickly I do them, as soon as I finish, there’s another load to do — and I still have to clean up after my cleaning up, before I can clean up some more…

Tonight I saw someone I once knew. He wasn’t entirely the same, but I knew it was him from the way his eyes stood out starkly against his shadowed skin, the way his shoulders perched an inch or two higher than they should have rested, had life not lifted them…

danielle ys

I write to explore the inner-workings of our world. I work to tease apart what is in the mind, versus what is in the heart. I serve to help open your Inner i.

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